William Bradley

“The act of painting is just as important as the painting itself, as the process becomes a journey. The interaction between painter and canvas becomes a record or map of that journey. This journey of self discovery is a theme that recurs within my work, combined with a strong aesthetic and compositional attention”.

Jane Charlton

“I have lectured in Fine Art in Higher Education at the Bath Academy of Art, De Montfort University, Monash University Australia, Westminster College, Oxford and York St John University.
My own studio practice has developed alongside pedagogical concerns. I am currently a member of a personal narratives research cluster. My work is concerned with the fragments of textiles/ clothing / and my own painted canvasses, which are imbued with personal memory and meaning. The works in PDNB are fragments of my paintings that have been sanded/eroded/distressed/weathered and generally evidence their own construction over many years.”

Nathan Chenery

Nathan is currently completing an MA in Contemporary arts practice. His current practice is based around two series’ of work, 'Horizon' and 'Queer Purple,’ both of which look at mark making, composition and space. The works are mainly ink and pencil on high quality paper, the materials and over all finish are very important features in the work.
The small works submitted for PDNB are studies; which play an important part in narrowing down the process of ongoing artistic investigation.

Naomi Gale

“These works are inspired by movement and energy, in response to the ever changing pace of the world we live in. Whether it is the interpretation of the human form and issues of self image…or exploring the subject of urbanity and following the journey of growth in our modern society, my work focuses on issues that affect us all”.


“While my work may manifest in a range of practises and media, at its core is a deep engagement with the world of matter. It aims to show that in the minutiae of the natural world, including the scars and wrinkles on our own bodies, may be found profound and sacred beauty.”

Catherine Scriven

“Objects have a language of their own, we connect them with the activity they are used for. In these small works the focus is on shifting that connection, perceiving the objects in different ways… these drawings are like whispers, and they need to be approached quietly and with an open mind to be heard”

Nathan Walker

“I am a homotextual artist creating performance and performing work. My live work is concerned with struggle and an exploration of queer space. Since graduating from York St John University in 2006, I have undertaken an intense period of making/writing new work for theatre spaces. Additionally, I have developed an interest in artists books and cartography which has resulted in an investigation into mapping language, the performing page and autobiography. The Polaroid/Text works for PDNB use gram(mar)s of language and coupled images to explore the autobiography of place and object.”